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Here's how the Automated Downline Builder (ADB) program works.

prospects over the next 6 months promoting everything from nutrition and health, to skin care,
to home care, to weight loss, to travel, and more.

Each of these autoresponder emails will try to create enough curiosity about the offer the prospect will click
to know more.

When the prospect clicks to know more, they'll go to the IBO's capture page reflecting the category of the offer.
That capture page will provide even more curiosity, causing the prospect to request to know more.

That request will activate another set of autoresponder emails that will keep providing even more valuable
information to the prospect. That request to know more will also send the prospect to the IBO's replicated iCB
site to join as well.

Most people are tired of pitching their friends, relatives and associates on different opportunities. With our ADB program you'll never have to do that again if you don't want to. Now if you want to, we have an outline on how to do that too, but for most people… they'll use our ADB to get their new Members.

Here's how the ADB Program is designed to work for the IBO.
  1. You purchase the ADB for $75 per month.
  2. The the system does the rest.

That's pretty much it. The system is designed to create the curiosity and then create a pathway for involvement.
The next thing that the IBO should have to do is call the new Member who joined the team and welcome them.
There should not be any selling with this ADB Program.

The leads either join or they don't.

And with our 7 level FAST CASH
Commission payout and unlimited
TEAM BUILDING program, this
could be a good income stream too.
(This is not a guarantee of income)

You can get setup on the ADB from
your back office by clicking on...
Setup ADB

We've contracted with a Publisher that'll provide
us with 500 qualified leads every month. These
leads are people who have went to one of their
home based business opportunity seeker websites
within the last 30 to 120 days and entered their
information, indicating that they're actively looking
for a home based business.

We'll load those 500 leads into your Autoresponder
System every month and then the autoresponder will
automatically send over 40 different emails to those
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