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Here's how the Automated Database Builder (ADB) works.
Without a doubt the starting point for all success in Network Marketing (from an activity standpoint) is your list!
And because of the advancements in technology and the capacity to generate your list from various different conduits
we now call your list... your database. 
The ADB is actually a very simple program that is built upon iWebaTool,
our "World Class" CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System.
You have to be on the Gold ($25/mo) iWebaTool System to activate the ADB.
Once your Gold iWebaTool is activated you will be able to click on the ADB
link from your iWebaTool back office. (The Silver package doesn't have access
to the ADB)

The ADB page will give you access to all of our strategic partners to assist you
in generating leads.
The leads are then entered into the iWebaTool System that goes to work...
sifting and sorting them to the point that you have an active database or
prospects that you can talk to.

You will also have an opportunity to plug into our cutting edge communication
workshop too. Here you will learn everything that you need to know on how to
connect and transfer your feelings to others.

We setup the ADB to be very flexible.

Becasue it is a Database Builder it can be used for any and all companies.

It can be used to prmote multiple companies at the same time.

Get with your Business Support Team to learn more about putting the ADB to work for you.

And there is more...

We also have the ADB co-op
The ADB co-op is in beta test.

If you are interested in being part of the beta test please fill out the form below and make sure you includ your upline Producer's name on the form. (You can find your Upline Producer by clicking on the My Sponsor link in your iClub BIZ back office.)

The ADB co-op is part of the Automated Database Builder program and only Gold iWebaTool Members can participate in the ADB.
The ADB will give you all of the benefits of iWebaTool's Gold membership plus:
You'll get access to participate in iWebaTool's Co-op 

The ADB will give you access to the following tools at wholesale pricing:
Qualified Leads - Text Messaging Software - Ringless Voice Mail Software - Email Scrubber Software - Lead Scraper Software - Bulk Emailer

The ADB will give you access to the following lead generation Strategies:
Banner Ad Marketing - Solo Ad Marketing - Social Media Marketing - Warm Market Marketing - Direct Mail Marketing

The ADB will give you access to the following training:
Basic  & Advanced Communication Skills seminar at Wholesale Pricing
Weekly live Broadcast with Personal Coaching
Professional copywriting and more

Are you interested in building a
business that will last the test of time?


This presentation will provide
you with a new understanding
of how to build your business.

Please CLICK HERE if you are a HOST of a co-op for a detailed outline